Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cash value of my recyclable materials?

Prices are at an all time high and fluctuate based on COMEX index. Call us at (440) 237-1500 for a personal quote. We have metal identification equipment on-site if you are unsure of the material content. Photo ID required for on-site cash exchange.

Can I receive cash on site for the material I sell?

We pay cash when selling directly to our retail yard. Photo ID required for on-site cash exchange.

Can anyone buy or sell scrap metal?

Yes. We provide services to corporations as well as individuals. Photo ID required for on-site cash exchange

Do you provide container service and pick-up?

Absolutely. American Metal Recycling, Inc. offers a variety of container services. Call 440-237-1500 for a quote.

How do I find metal pricing I can trust?

American Metal Recycling has been in business for over 35 years. Receive daily quotes from our retail location by calling 440-237-1500.

Do you work with schools and non-profit agencies as well as business and industry?

American Metal Recycling, Inc. has established recycling programs for many community organizations as well as provided opportunities for fund raising.

How can non-profit organizations raise money through recycling?

American Metal Recycling gives back a percentage of their profits to benefit the non-profit organizations that collect Cans for a Cause. We can help you set-up a collection site for cans or other materials at you office, church, school, community center etc. and provide educational seminars.

Where can I find recycling literature and brochures?

We can provide them to your company or agency. They are also available from The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries and the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District.

Where are you located? How can I get in touch?

American Metal Recycling, Inc. is conveniently located in North Royalton, Ohio, at 13170 York Road between Route 77 & Route 71. Call us at (440) 237-1500 or view the Contact page for more information.